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    • Retrieve A Golden Of Minnesota

      RAGOM is a rescue organization that fosters golden retrievers, updating them on vaccines, dewormers, heartworm prevention and also spaying and neutering them if necessary.  People wanting to adopt a RAGOM dog is screened closely to make sure that the dog they want to adopt is a good fit for them.  These dogs are absolutely wonderful and many of them need homes!



    • Pet Health Insurance

          We frequently are asked about pet health insurance and if there is one policy that we recommend. At this time there are 12 insurance companies in the United States. With most of these it appears the negatives far outweigh the positives. More often than not the benefits paid are simply a mirror of the dollars spent on premiums.

                  There is an independent website that is objective and does an excellent job explaining the coverage offered by each company. We encourage you to check petinsurancereview.com to determine if there is a package that will be suitable for you and your pet.




    • Nekofeeder

       A multiple use feline weight management aid for homes with a dog or multiple cats.  Helps when feeding different food to multiple cats is necessary and when that curious and hungry little dog wants to eat cat litter!



    • Design your pet's collar!

      Design a collar or harness for your dog or cat!  Furry baby fashions provides collars of all shapes and sizes that will look great on your pet!








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  • TLC Cat Clinic





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