Ticks and Fleas Can Turn Your Pet's World Upside Down

Benjamin Franklin once said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." He was probably talking about fleas and ticks because nowhere does this ring more true than making sure to have a good flea and tick preventive program in place.

Just hearing the words “tick” or “flea” can make some people feel itchy, so it’s no surprise that the thought of an infestation is a dog parent’s nightmare. Unfortunately, without regular preventives, it can happen to virtually any dog, anywhere, regardless of his living conditions. Some dog parents have the misconception that these nasty parasites only threaten canines who live outside or in unsanitary surroundings, but this is not the case. While dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors have a higher risk, anytime any dog goes outdoors, comes into contact with other pets or pet parents (or even you!), visits the groomer, the daycare, the dog park, etc., he is exposed to ticks and, especially, fleas.

Fleas and ticks are hardy pests. Fleas can survive in temperatures as low as 33 degrees for up to five days, and their eggs can live year-round in protected spaces. Ticks will live in temperatures as low as 40 degrees. And with their hardiness also comes the ‘offerings’ they bring to you and your pet – a variety of potentially serious diseases.

Your pet’s world just isn’t the same when he has ticks and fleas. Credelio™ (lotilaner) is a small and tastymonthly chewable that acts fast2,3 to protect puppies and dogs 8 weeks of age and older and 4.4 pounds and greater against ticks and fleas. Credelio starts to kill ticks and fleas in just 4 hours†3,4, kills 98.7 percent of ticks in 8 hours†2 and lasts all month long, giving it a memorable dosing interval.

Credelio is shown to have a 100 percent administration success rate by dog owners by more than 70 different dog breeds1,5,6, including toy breeds such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers1,5-7. Credelio is gentle and designed for dogs like yours.

What makes Credelio different? Lotilaner is a patented active ingredient that targets the nervous system receptors of ticks and fleas, not dogs.9 In a clinical study, Credelio had a 10x lower rate of vomiting compared to NexGard® (afoxolaner).7 But don’t let Credelio’s gentleness fool you; it is tough on ticks and fleas and keeps your dog protected all month long. In fact, Credelio has been shown to have more than 97 percent monthly efficacy against ticks and 100 percent monthly efficacy against fleas. It kills fleas fast to help stop new egg laying and limit new infestations.3Bottom line: In a head-to-head study, 100 percent of dogs were flea-free with Credelio after three monthly doses compared to 93.2 percent with NexGard.1

It’s an understatement to say that dogs should be protected from ticks and fleas. Year-round protection is the best method of prevention. Credelio makes it easy. Ask us about switching your canine companion to Credelio today!


†On day of administration. Arithmetic mean.

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