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David Brewer

David Brewer

Rockford Road Animal Hospital Veterinarians - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

In 1988, Dr. David Brewer started Rockford Road Animal Hospital (RRAH) with a vision of how clients would be treated. And today the mission of RRAH hasn’t changed: To treat every client and their pet with that personal touch.

“Getting to know the families as well as their pets continues to be a pleasure,” said Dr. Brewer.

This aspect—client relationships—is one aspect of veterinary medicine that is often overlooked, according to Dr. Brewer. “We thrive on these relationships as they so often affect not only our interactions but our ability to practice in a manner that meets the individual needs and expectations of our clients,” said Dr. Brewer. The RRAH team has grown through the years, yet everyone shares the same mission of treating every client with that personal touch. “Our team members share the RRAH philosophy and vision,” said Dr. Brewer. We keep good team members because of the healthy work environment and we empower them. When RRAH opened, it was Dr. Brewer, his wife, Sue, who is also a veterinarian, and one technician. Today, the staff has grown tremendously. Dr. Brewer has witnessed many changes in veterinary medicine since RRAH started– from safer more effective drugs to improved technologies such as digital xrays.

Dr. Brewer is a 1973 graduate of the University of Minnesota. Dr. Brewer worked in Virginia for a large five-doctor pet hospital. That’s where he met his wife, Susan, who was also working for a pet hospital in Virginia. After getting married in Susan’s home town of Ely, Minnesota in 1974, the Brewers lived in Virginia for almost two years before moving back to Minnesota. The couple worked at various pet hospitals in the Twin Cities and Ely, before opening the doors at RRAH in 1988.

The Brewers have three children–two sons and one daughter and his amazing grandchildren. They make frequent trips to Colorado Springs to visit. Dr. Brewer’s first trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) was in 1959, before it was designated as a National Park. He and Sue both enjoy canoe camping and make at least one trip to BWCA or Quetico every year. Dr. Brewer enjoys fishing, hunting with Emma his lab, hiking, bicycling, target shooting and archery. Sue enjoys camping, travel, bicycling, reading and studying. The Brewers have two dogs, Emma, a black lab, who loves to hunt, and Pearl, a dachshund, who loves to torment the neighbor dog through the privacy fence. For the first time in 40 years, the Brewers are “catless.” They have also owned horses in the past.