Arline Young

Arline Young

Kennel Staff - Kennel Staff

More than likely, you will not meet Arline when you visit RRAH. However, you experience her work every time you visit. She is one of the people responsible for keeping RRAH sparkling clean.

Arline began at RRAH in March 2014 and enjoys keeping the clinic neat and clean for the clients and staff. “It is amazing how well the clinic cleans up every night,” she said.

After attending Argosy University and receiving her degree in Veterinary Technology, she began working at the Animal Humane Society cleaning kennels. Unable to find work, at that time, in the area she received her degree in,  Arline wanted to “keep in tune with her animal loving side and work somewhere to help animals.” Arline loved working at the Humane Society, witnessing the happy ending of pets finding their forever families and seeing such a variety of animals.

Working with animals isn’t new for Arline. “I have been around animals my entire life,” she said. Arline loves her pets. She has two cats, Bog, who is 8 years old. She has recently added, Poe, a kitten born October 2013. “Poe has been nothing but fun,” she said.

“My pets are my life,” she said. “I enjoy coming home to my kitties and knowing that I am loved and they need me to feed and take care of them. It is so rewarding to have a living creature in your life that snuggles with you in bed, gives you endless entertainment, and unlimited love,” she added.

Arline loves working at RRAH. “I see (behind the scenes) how diligent and caring the RRAH staff is with the clients and their pets,” she said.

“Always ask questions,” Arline recommends to pet owners. “The pets are part of your family and just like a child you have to be their voice,” she added. “You can’t be happy if your pet isn’t,” she adds.