Deb  Ranney

Deb Ranney

Reception - Receptionist

As the RRAH receptionist, Deb greets guests and meeting new puppies is one of her favorite parts of the job. Deb joined the RRAH staff in January 2007 after staying home and raising her three children. "It seemed like the perfect fit for me. I get to work with pets," she said. Before raising children, Deb worked at Daytons for 20 years.

Deb also enjoys watching a pet that has been ill recover and the joy on the owner's faces to see their healthy, hap­py pet.

In her spare time, Deb enjoys fishing, reading, painting, cooking, photography, and Gopher hockey. "We are a family of Gophers," she said.

Deb, and her husband, Brian, have two daughters, Melissa and Kristina, and a son, Tommy. All of the children are graduates of the University of Minnesota. Deb has a degree in Psychology. The family also has two Golden Retrievers, Sophie and Buddy, who is a rescue from RAGOM.

"The unconditional love you get from a pet is my favorite thing," said Deb. "I also enjoy how happy Sophie and Buddy always are and how they help relieve stress," she said.

RRAH is a great place to work because the staff genuinely cares about pets and each pet is treated as an individu­al.