Mary Tiegen

Mary Tiegen

Reception -

Mary Tiegen is inspired by the phrase, “do what you love, love what you do.” Having been semi-retired for a few years, when she heard about the receptionist position available at RRAH, she knew it was her dream job. “Where else do you get to talk to people all day and get to greet their pets?” she said. As a client of RRAH, Mary was familiar with the clinic. “Everyone is always so friendly, warm, and shows genuine concern towards your pet,” she said.

Mary brings 33 years experience in restaurant management, with a degree in hospital management, which makes her the perfect fit for our Head Receptionist. She also volunteers as a foster home trainer and Vice President of the Board of Directors for Helping Paws, a local service dog organization. “It is an amazing experience to watch your crazy puppy grow up and learn over 80 skills to become a service dog,”.

Mary’s pets include Bugaboo, or Bug, a Maine Coon cross cat; Zephyr, a Golden Retriever who is a retired service dog; and Elska, a Golden Retriever service dog in training. This is Mary’s third service dog she has trained for Helping Paws.

Being involved in Helping Paws has helped Mary see the true connection between human and pets. Mary says that her pets make her laugh, give her comfort, greet her when she arrives home, and encourages her to exercise daily.

Mary’s dream dog is exactly what she has—a Golden Retriever. “They know just how to get into your heart and melt you with those big brown eyes,” she said.