Chrissy Bryd

Chrissy Bryd

Reception -

Chrissy brings the perfect experience to her receptionist position at RRAH. “Being a mother of four grown children has helped me handle all the multitasking that is necessary to be successful as a receptionist,” she explains.

Chrissy brings her love of pets to RRAH. She enjoys the challenges of handling the tasks at the front desk and especially meeting and greeting the clients and their pets. “Mostly I enjoy working with the wonderful folks at RRAH,” she adds.

“I can truly say that everyone at RRAH cares about clients and the pets,” she said. “We take care of peoples’ pets as if they were our own,” she adds. “The doctors at RRAH are amazing with the pets and owners. The doctors really listen to the clients,” she adds.

Chrissy and her husband, Danny, were high school sweethearts. They have four grown children and four grandsons.

Chrissy has enjoyed having dogs all of her life. Currently they have Bluto, a bulldog, and Bo, their rescue dog. “They always welcome me home and keep me exercising when I don’t want to,” she said. She’s also owned cats, bunnies, hamsters, fish, goats, cows, chickens, and turkeys. Her dream is no surprise. It is to own a farm with lots of large-breed dogs, Maine coon cats, llamas, pigs, goats, cows, chickens, and a few horses.

Her advice to pet owners: “Pay attention to your pet. They will let you know if something is not right. And, that wagging tail, let’s you know that they feel cared for and loved.