Laura  Thies

Laura Thies

Technicians - Certified Veterinary Technician

Since 2008, Laura has been helping clients at RRAH take care of her pets. But, her experience as a Certified Veterinary Technical began in 1989 when she received her degree. Laura said she thought she would try and see what it would be like working at a veterinary clinic, and hasn’t looked back since.

Laura enjoys showing draft horses, bird watching and raising her two children, Alex and Amanda, with her husband, Scott.

The family has one pet, Snickers, a calico cat, also known as “Snotty Snitty” at home. Laura’s beloved Bud, a lab, went to pet heaven but enjoyed a long life of 15 years. Laura said that someone described Bud as her “dog soul mate” and Laura agrees with that description. Labs are Laura’s favorite dog breed for their loyalty and make great family pets. For cats, Laura loves Domestic Shorthairs since there is so much variety in their looks and personality. “You just never know what you’ll get,” she adds.

Laura’s pets mean a lot to her and bring much joy and laughter. She enjoys hugging her pets after a day of work.

She loves working at RRAH because of the people she works with and that the clinic treats every pet as if they were their own.

Her message is a simple one. Owning a pet is a privilege and pet owners have the responsibility to care for their pets in the best way possible.