MJ Marzullo

MJ Marzullo

Technicians -

M.J. is the newest addition to the RRAH family. She started here in September of 2017 as a veterinary technician. M.J. loves working with animals and has over a decade and a half of experience with extensive training in emergency and critical care. She enjoys working with the staff at RRAH and comments that it makes her work fun and fulfilling to work with people who are as passionate about animals as she is.

M.J.s favorite part about working at RRAH is the excellent patient care. “Every client and animal is an extended family and friend”. It only took M.J. one visit to her childhood veterinarian to know what she wanted to do with her life. She knew that she wanted to dedicate her life to animal welfare, whether that meant volunteering to spay or neuter stray animals, working as a vet tech, or giving an animal a warm home.

M.J. has four furry children and one feathered one. 2 dogs - Bai is a boxer and Duncan a Golden Retriever mix. 2 cats - Stella Rose and Penelope Rose. 1 bird - Eleanor. Her pets mean the world to her. Their loyalty and presence continue to enrich her life.

M.J. is married and enjoys spending her time reading literature and riding on her motorcycle. She also enjoys volunteering at organizations that assist animals that are homeless. If there was only one thing M.J. could tell clients it would be the importance of neutering and spaying pets “The amount of abandoned animals that are euthanized is devastating. Please adopt!”