Karen  Jensen

Karen Jensen

Technicians - Certified Veterinary Technician

Karen Jensen, a Certified Veterinarian Technician at RRAH since 1998, loves educating pet owners about the advancements in preventative medicine available that will help their pet live a longer, happier life.

Growing up with pets, Karen knew that she wanted to work with animals. After experience working at a veterinarian clinic after high school, she knew “that this was the job for me.”

The message that Karen tries to convey to clients is that a pet is a lifetime commitment. “Our pets count on us humans for all of their needs—emotional and physical—and need us through every age and stage of their life.” She believes that pets enrich a person’s life and said, “If you are fortunate enough to have one of these wonderful creatures in your life, your life will be better.”

Karen’s pets are all rescues. Snuggles the cat and Joe Meower. “All of my pets came to our family through a need to have someone who would take care of them and give them love,” she said.

One of the reasons Karen enjoys working at RRAH is the level of care the clinic gives to pets. “Our clinic is dedicated to helping people and their pets by way of excellent care of all their pet’s medical needs with the most advanced medical information and equipment available,” she said.

Karen has a degree from Argosy University and has experience in emergency medicine at the University of Minnesota.