Matt Duff

Matt Duff

Rockford Road Animal Hospital Veterinarians - Medical Director, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Matt Duff, the Medical Director at RRAH, takes pride that every team member at the clinic has a true pas­ sion for every pet that visits the clinic. “We strive to provide the best possible care for everyone,” he adds.

“We have a culture of true compassion. Every team member- from doctors to support staff-truly cares about every pet;’ he said. “The knowledge and expertise of the doctors and staff at RRAH is exceptional,” said Dr. Duff “It is clear that providing the best care for pets is the passion at RRAH.”

Although Dr. Duff enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, he especially likes surgery and dentistry. Another favorite aspect is the interaction with clients and their pets. “I enjoy visiting with owners who have a passion for their pets,” he said.

Part of Dr. Duff’s message to pet owners is to be proactive with their pet’s health. “The pets depend on owners;’ he added. Prevention and early detercition of health problems makes a tremendous difference in length and quality of life,” he adds.

Becoming a veterinarian began when Dr. Duff was about 10 years old. Along the way, he developed an interest in human behavioral sciences, but then rediscovered his passion for animals in his 20s. He graduated with a degree in Psychology from Mankato State University and received his D.V.M from the University of Minnesota.

In his spare time, Dr. Duff enjoys building and flying radio controlled aircraft, hunting, shooting sports, automo­ tive tinkering and restoration.

He and his wife, Angela, have two daughters. Pets are also part of their family and include Fergus (a Llewellin Setter), Eloise (a greyhound), Sam (Jack Russel Terrior), Gustov (a domestic shorthair cat), and Fred (a turtle). Dr. Duff says of his pets: “No one can offer the kind of unconditional love that an animal can.