Nicole Taraldsen

Nicole Taraldsen


Nicole started with RRAH in July 2017 and works as a vet assistant. She is an undergraduate student at the Uni­versity of Minnesota studying animal science and when she completes her degree she plans to apply to veterinary school.

Before studying in her current area, Nicole was pursuing a degree in computer engineering. A job at a pet store changed all of that. “I fell in love working with animals and helping to educate the pet owners about proper care of their pets;’ she adds.

She loves her work at RRAH and the interaction she has with pets and clients. “It feels great to help heal sick pets;’ she said. Nicole also enjoys working with her team at the clinic. “This place and these people truly care. They care about your pets and your family.”

Nicole and her  boyfriend share their life with one  dog, adopted from a shelter, Alabama. “Pets are family and I couldn’t imagine life without them;’ she said. “They are that one ‘person’ who is always there for you, always willing to listen:’

Education is powerful and makes a difference to your pets. Her advice to pet owners is to learn about your pets to better care for them and help them live a long and happy life.