We all enjoy the magic of the holiday season … delicious food, flickering candles, beautifully-wrapped packages and bright, twinkling lights. But please remember that many of these signs of merriment can be a danger to furry friends.

Pets are curious by nature, and any new or different things that appear in their home are sure to get checked out by them. Besides the fire and shock hazard of candles and electric lights, many decorations can be ingested or have small pieces that can cause choking. And a lot of the yummiest holiday candy and treats (especially chocolate) are sickening, even lethal, to pets.

When the big day arrives and presents are opened, be sure to pick up and dispose of things like packing materials, ribbons and pieces of tape and have youngsters keep close tabs on small pieces to toys and games that a pet could swallow. At mealtime, be very selective if you choose to share something with your furry friend. A small piece of lean meat or a spoonful of gravy should be ok to offer her, but remember that other foods are forbidden, especially bones. Ensure that bones, scraps and other garbage are disposed of in a place where your pet can’t reach them.

If you’ll be having visitors or people your pet doesn’t know, make sure she has a quiet place to retreat to with familiar bedding, toys and treats. Keep her schedule for feeding and walks as close to normal as possible. If you’re traveling out of town, make sure your pet will be welcome and comfortable wherever you’re staying. Otherwise, consider giving your furry friend her own holiday from the festivities with boarding at a trusted facility.

We appreciate being a part of your pet’s life and wish all of our client family safe and happy holidays!