Chad Goenner

Chad Goenner

Technicians - Certified Veterinary Technician

Chad is a Certified Veterinary Technician with RRAH. He joined the RRAH team in 2000 and enjoys the challenges the position provides.

He enjoys solving the challenges and issues in helping provide care for pets. He also enjoys working with clients and providing information to owners on the best way to care for their pets.

Chad knew he wanted to work with animals in high school. “The day my high school counselor said I could work with animals and not have to be a veterinarian” was the day he knew his career path.

Chad is a 1999 graduate of Ridgewater College in Willmar, MN with a degree in Veterinary Technology. After his graduation he worked at the University of Minnesota, Omaha Henry Dorley Zoo and finally Rockford Road Animal Hospital.

In his spare time, Chad enjoys spending time outdoors, camping, fishing and hunting.

Chad has four dogs. A French Brittany named B, Louis a Llewellin Setter, Jane a German Wirehair and a Lucky a German Shorthair. He enjoys watching his dogs grow and change. “I enjoy seeing them become a bigger part of my life every year,” he added.

His favorite breeds are the hunting and working dogs. “I like to see working dogs love the work that they are doing,” he added.